Beautiful friends

I am surrounded by so beautiful people. I'm so blessed, like, what did I ever do to earn so amazing, and not to mention AWESOME, friends? I tell my friends I love them way too seldom. But they make me smile every day and make me feel happy when I'm sad or in a bad mood. They know how to cheer me up and they know when to just be there.
Today I left school angry and frustrated, later I had to go to work feeling annoyed and still a little frustrated. While working, I see my beautiful Josefin walk through the doors. She says "I have something for you that'll cheer you up", and I'm standing there thinking what's going on. She takes a couple of chocolate bars from her purse and gives them to me. Like how adorable and kind isn't that!? She's just so amazing! In an instant my mood changed from okay to happier than ever. Small things really do cheer you up. Thank you, love ♥ You really did make my day.