Up in the mountains at 2347 meters above sea level, in the province of Jujuy in Argentina - close to the border of Chile, there is a gorgeous little town called Purmamarca. There are approximatley 2000 inhabitants in this sweet little town. The town is surrounded by mountains in colors - red, green, purple, orange, beige. It was a stunning place. I could not stop staring at the surroundings. At night, the stars shone brighter than I've ever seen them shine before. Just spectacular.
look at the cute tiny (but actually huge) cactus on top of the mountain
you can see our team on on top of the mountain - this gives you an indication of how big the mountains actually are
this picture is taken with my phone (!!) from my hotel room
what i was most excited about during the whole trip, was that we saw a wild pack of alpacas up in the mountains at approx. 4100 meters above sea level - my heart exploded a little bit
quite close to purmamarca, there are salt flats called salinas grandes - and it was amazing
the colors on all the stuff they sold in purmamarca were amazing, it felt very mayan and i wanted to bring everything home with me 
how adorable isn't this tiny library?!