Parque nacional Calilegua

During our trip to Argentina, we got to experience the Calilegua national park, located in the Jujuy province. Since we had been in power plants that were running for a couple of days the silence was something incredible and peaceful. I learnt that Calilegua is in between something of a jungle and a forest, called Yungas. The greenery was amazing and apparently there are for instance cheetas and jaguars in those forests. Although it would have been cool to see, I'm happy we did not stumble upon any larger animals as I feel we would have become second in a fight. 
A couple of kilometers in on a trail, there was a tower you could climb for a better view of the forest. At first we saw a couple of curious birds and we felt they were quite brave to be so close to us. But suddenly there were plenty of them surrounding us, staring at us - begging for food. Thankfully they were more pleasing to the eye than the pigeons or seagulls we have here in Finland, so we didn't mind.