The 5 love languages

There are five different love languages that consist of Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Acts of Service. Every person has their own individual preference of the different love languages. Some migt express their love for a person by saying "I love you" while others might show it by giving gifts (not the material happiness but rather the thought put behind the gift).
By doing a test of which love language is your primary one, your friends and family (and ofcourse you) will understand you better. This also works the other way around. By having your friends and family take this test you will know what love language they speak. It will that way be easier for everyone to communicate and understand each other. So I suggest everyone who is reading this to take the test at
So I did take the test and I received the following profile:
I would love for you to comment your own scores if you decided to take the test. It does not take long and if I remember correctly it was 30 questions with two options per question. And each "question" begins with "It's more meaningful to me when...". And you know what? It would be fun retaking the test in a couple of years to see how you have changed as a person or if your results remain the same. 
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