The U.S. elections

För det första: känner mig alldeles utmattad i både kropp och knopp. Sitter vid datorn och borde ta itu med skoluppgifter men känner att jag har noll hjärnkapacitet att använda. Det är liksom tomt i huvudet samtidigt som jag känner att någon är hemma, men gömmer sig i någon undangömd vrå.
emmamae voting in the primary elections
* the following text is very subjective *
Second of all: what just happened? At first I laughed at Donald Trump for even running for president, thinking who would be stupid enough to actually vote for him. All the things he has even dared to publicly say. But even more astonishing (and frightening), the people who actually has liked the words he has spoken, and actually agree with him (or maybe he prefers being called an ass, since he calls women pigs). What made me really sick was watching a Snap Story from some Trump election party, where everyone was chanting "build that wall" over and over again. What kind of savages are these people?
Well, I ain't laughing anymore. Donland Trump is officially the new president of the United States of America. Congratulations, idiots. I hope the people who has voted for him will be pleased with his racism, sexism as well as his discrimination of the LGBTQ community. I hope the people who voted for him like it when he comes to grab their daughter by the pussy. The rest of the world will be cringing.
What destroys me inside is that millennials (people aged 18-34) wanted Hillary Clinton for president. And the people wanted her for president. Clinton has more people votes than Trump, but because of the electors and how they work, he is now the president. The millennials are most influenced by not only people around them, but by the rest of the world. They travel and explore and learn that things are not as black and white as they seem, and they accept cange and diversity. They seek a better, evolved and improved society. But America just took the time machine 50 years back. Yeah, let's "make America great again".
I honestly thought America was ready for a female president, but I guess not. It is going to be very interesting four years to come. 
Have a look at the videos and feel free to cry, or laugh. Whatever makes you feel better. God, you really need to bless America.
Over and out.